Toshiba TV Lamp Replacement For D95-LMP, Y196-LMP/ GL34

Toshiba TV Lamp Replacement Fits D95-LMP, Y196-LMP & Others

This is a brand new Original Toshiba TV lamp . 
This is a special lamp and has polarity unlike other AC based lamps.
This means that there is a POSITIVE and NEGATIVE terminal on the lamp itself.
We are selling this product with it's cable pre-installed onto the lamp for
your convenience and to reduce user error.

☞ Please note, this is the lamp only and must be installed in your existing housing.

Why spend more for the entire housing unit when you can just
replace burned out lamp in original housing assembly.
Enjoy the same picture quality as when your television was brand new.

It is simple to install this lamp into your old housing.
We do however offer a FREE service for replacing a bulb.
This service is simple, you simply bring your old lamp with housing to us
& we will replace the non working lamp with new lamp.

This Lamp is used in the following Toshiba Lamp Assemblies:

  • Toshiba D42-LMP
  • Toshiba D95-LMP
  • Toshiba TB25-LMP
  • Toshiba Y196-LMP
  • Toshiba Y66-LMP
  • Toshiba Y67-LMP

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