STK392-040 Original Sanyo IC

STK392-040/ Original Sanyo- Replaces Samsung 1201-001225

    • ☞ Don't be disappointed - Trust only original semiconductors !
      • Brand : Sanyo™



    Instant failure of the new device will happen when replacing this device on

    ALL Samsung projection televisions unless the following precaution is taken.

    We recommend clearing any erroneous data from the convergence memory

    that may damage the new STK's before installing the new parts.

    Using the OEM remote, for the TV, power on the TV and press MUTE 1-8-3. 

    This will reset the factory convergence data. You should see a cross hatch

    on the screen verifying that you are in convergence mode.

    Then press the ADD/ERASE button to save the reset data then press SMODE button to exit.

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