Sony XL-2200 TV Lamp by Philips

Sony XL-2200 Replacement TV Lamp

This is a brand new lamp for your Sony TV's.
Most cost effective way to get a replacement TV lamp
for your Sony without paying the high price!

• Price is Per One Lamp.
• Part Number: P22-1
• Condition : NEW
• Brand : 

☞ Please note, this is the lamp only and must be installed in your existing housing.

Compatible With:
XL-2200, A-1085-447-A, A-1085-447A, A1085-447-A, A1085447-A, A1085447A, F-9308-580-0, F9308-580-0, F9308580-0, F93085800, GLH-016, GLH016, XL-2200C, XL-2200E, XL-2200J, XL-2200U, XL2200, XL2200C, XL2200E, XL2200J, XL2200U

Fits in following SONY TV Models:
KDF-55WF655, KDF-55WF655K, KDF-55WF655U, KDF55WF655, KDF55WF655K, KDF55WF655U, KDF-55XS955, KDF55XS955, KDF-60WF655, KDF-60WF655K, KDF-60WF655U, KDF60WF655, KDF60WF655K, KDF60WF655U, KDF-60XS955, KDF60XS955, KDF-E55A20, KDFE55A20, KDF-E60A20, KDFE60A20