Sony XL-2400 TV Lamp by Philips

Sony XL-2400 Replacement TV Lamp / Philips

This is a brand new lamp for your Sony TV's.
Most cost effective way to get a replacement TV lamp
for your Sony without paying the high price!

• Price is Per One Lamp.
• Part Number: E19.8
• Condition : NEW
• Brand : 

☞ Please note, this is the lamp only and must be installed in your existing housing.

Why spend more for the entire housing unit when you can just
replace burned out lamp in original housing assembly.
Enjoy the same picture quality as when your television was brand new.

Fits SONY Models:
✓ KDF-42E2000, KDF42E2000, KDF-46E2000, KDF46E2000, KDF-46E2010, KDF46E2010, KDF-50E2000, KDF50E2000, KDF-50E2010, KDF50E2010, KDF-55E2000, KDF55E2000, KDF-55E2010, KDF55E2010, KDF-E42A10, KDF-E42A10A, KDF-E42A10E, KDF-E42A10U, KDFE42A10, KDFE42A10A, KDFE42A10E, KDFE42A10U, KDF-E42A11, KDF-E42A11A, KDF-E42A11E, KDF-E42A11U, KDFE42A11, KDFE42A11A, KDFE42A11E, KDFE42A11U, KDF-E42A12, KDF-E42A12A, KDF-E42A12E, KDF-E42A12U, KDFE42A12, KDFE42A12A, KDFE42A12E, KDFE42A12U, KDF-E50A10, KDF-E50A10A, KDF-E50A10E, KDF-E50A10U, KDFE50A10, KDFE50A10A, KDFE50A10E, KDFE50A10U, KDF-E50A11, KDF-E50A11A, KDF-E50A11E, KDF-E50A11U, KDFE50A11, KDFE50A11A, KDFE50A11E, KDFE50A11U, KDF-E50A12, KDF-E50A12A, KDF-E50A12E, KDF-E50A12U, KDFE50A12, KDFE50A12A, KDFE50A12E, KDFE50A12U, KF-42E200, KF-42E200A, KF-42E200E, KF-42E200U, KF42E200, KF42E200A, KF42E200E, KF42E200U, KF-42E201A, KF 42E201A, KF42E201A, KF-50E200, KF-50E200A, KF-50E200E, KF-50E200U, KF50E200, KF50E200A, KF50E200E, KF50E200U, KF-E42A10, KFE42A10, KF-E50A10, KFE50A10 

The SONY XL-2400 is also known as A-1129-776-A, A1129-776-A, A1129776-A, A1129776A, F-9308-750-0, F9308-750-0, F9308750-0, F93087500, XL-2400C, XL-2400E, XL-2400J, XL-2400U, XL2400C, XL2400E, XL2400J, XL2400U
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