Sony Camcoder Timing Belt 3-965-546-01 CCDTRV11

Price: Canadian $5.48 (US $4.06 Approx.)
✔︎  Sony 3-965-546-01 Timing Belt for:
✓ Sony CCD-TR410E, CCD-TR4,

✓ Sony CCD-TRV21, CCD-TR44,
✓ Sony CCD-TR96, CCD-TRV11,
✓ Sony CCD-TR490PK  & others

This is a Brand new ORIGINAL Sony timing belt.
The long-term elastic characteristics original
timing belt ensure stability for years to come.
✓ Price is Per One Belt.

✓  Brand : SONY
Condition : NEW
Don't be disappointed - Trust only original Sony parts.