SONY 3-736-147-01 Gear Replacement

Price: Canadian $5.98 (US $4.66 Approx.)

✓ Replacement SONY Left Threading Gear 3-736-147-01

• Left Threading Gear
•  3-736-147-01 Replacement
• Order # IW-220
• Sony VCR Blue Gear
• Price is Per One Gear.
• Condition : NEW
• Professional installation is required.
Errors are subject to correction.

✔︎ This is the gear that drives the guide arm assembly
on the supply side, located underneath the chassis.
This gear is a common problem in these Sony VCR’s.
Common symptoms included; VCR loads a cassette and
tries to load the tape around the head but fails.The VCR
will shut down in most cases but may simply unload the tape.

Fits  Models:
Sony SLV555, Sony SLV555UC,
Sony SLVR1000, Sony SLV757UC,
Sony SLV353UC, Sony SLV373UC,
Sony SLV585HF, Sony SLV750HF,
Sony SLV770HF, Sony SLV900HF,
Sony SLV757, Sony SLVR5UC,
Sony SLV686HF, Sony SLV696HF,
Sony SLV575UC, Sony SLV751HF,
Sony SVO140, Sony SVO160,
Sony SLV393, Sony SLV676UC,
Sony SLV595HF, Sony SLV920HF

Sony 3-736-147-01 Replacement Left Gear