SF-P101N 16pin Laser Mechanism KPC S4594V-0

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✔︎ SF-P101N Laser with Mechanism
✓ SF-P101N CD Mechanism SFP101N 16 Pin

• SF-P101N CD Mechanism SFP101N 16 Pin Version
• Code: KPC S4594V-0 
• Part No: SFP101N 16P
• Price is Per One Laser Unit.
• Condition : NEW
• Professional installation is required.
• No instructions or technical support is available.
☞ Please remove protective solder prior to installation.
• Errors are subject to correction.

☞ Product Description
​This is a complete CD mechanism suitable for replacement in many Sanyo, Sony, Pioneer and Yamaha models.

There are two versions of the SF-P101N laser. One has 15 pins on the lasers ribbon connector and the other has 16 pins. The 16 pin type is what is supplied here which is by far the most common type in use.

It's easy to determine what type you have, just count the number of pins on the laser connector. There will be either 15 pins or 16 pins. The 16 pin and 15 pin versions are not interchangeable.
The SF-P101N laser as fitted to this mechanism crops up in lots of different brands of CD players and HiFi's. The laser type number is stamped onto the casing of the laser. So if you have an SF-P101N stamped on your faulty laser then this is the mechanism for you. 

NEW SF-P101N CD Mechanism SFP101 16 Pins Electrical &amp Laser Lens Sanyo  Alba