SF-P100 13PIN Laser for Bose/ Onkyo

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Price: Canadian $39.10 (US $28.82 Approx.)
✓ SF-P100 13PIN Laser Unit SF-P100 13 PIN 15mm
• CD Pickup SF-P100 13 PIN 

• SF-P100S 13 Pin connector Push-lock type
• Optical pickup 13 Pin 15mm Socket
• Laser for Bose Wave Radio AWRC-1G
• Laser for Bose Wave Radio AWRC-1P
• Laser for ONKYO DX-7711
• Laser for ONKYO DX-7911
• Price is Per One Laser Unit
• Condition : NEW
• Professional installation is required.
• No instructions or technical support is available.
☞ Please remove protective solder prior to installation.
Errors are subject to correction.

☞ Product Description
 This type is the 13 Pin 15mm Socket version. Please Compare the connector carefully with your old one.