SF-C93 Laser SF-C93AQ 10PIN Laser

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Price: Canadian $21.95 (US $17.49 Approx.)

✓ SF-C93 Laser Lens 10 Pin SF-C93AQ

• Laser Unit SF-C93 (10P)
• Substitute to: Sanyo SF-C93AQ
• Wire from Laser diode : 10 Pins ( 4+6)
• Price is Per One Laser Unit
• Marked SF-C93 instead of SF-C93AQ
• Condition : NEW
• Errors are subject to correction.

Please note, this laser will not fit in Panasonic 3DO. The laser is correct, but the holes where the laser's metal guides go are too small, so it won't fit into the Panasonic 3DO laser assembly.