SBS9.2 Belt SCX9.2 Square Cut

Price: Canadian $1.29 (US $0.98 Approx.)

✓ SBS9.2 Cassette Drive Belt

This is a Brand new belt. Meet or exceed original OEM specifications
The long-term elastic characteristics of modern belts ensure stability for years to come.

✓ Square Belt, Small
✓ Inside Diameter: 74mm
✓ Thickness 1.2mm
✓ Square Belt 74mm x 1.2mm
✓ Equivalent to PRB SCX9.2 belt
✓ Sony CF-2500 belt
✓ Aiwa TPR-601H belt
✓ Sony CF-550, Sony CF-610 belt
✓ Sony  CF-620, Sony CF-800 belt
✓ Sony XR-C210, Sony XR-C410 belt
✓ Sony HST-129 belt
✓ Sony TC-3700 belt
✓ JVC 9450/E belt
✓ Sony XR-C210, Sony XR-C410 belt
✓ Sony HST-129 belt
✓ JVC KS-R07, JVC PC-XT5 belt
✓ Price is Per One Belt
✓ Condition : NEW
✓ 100% Compatibility with the original.
✓ Errors are subject to correction.
✓ Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
Please note, that total length of this belt is 9.2 inches.
Place both ends of belt on a ruler.
Measure the belt and multiply that measurement by two.