SBL6.0 Belt Square Large 48X2mm

SBL6.0/ SCA6.0- Inside Diameter: 48mm - Thickness 2.0mm 

Please note, that total lenght of this belt is 6.0 inches.
Place both ends of belt on a ruler. Measure the belt and multiply that measurement by two.

  • Square Cut Rubber Belts
  • Inside Diameter: 48mm
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Used by: Panasonic VDV0152, Toshiba 70342133 & others.
 How to measure your belt.
First you must obtain the thickness of the belt.
Thickness is measured in millimeters.
Next you must obtain the circumference of your belt.
Circumference is measured in millimeters.Two ways to measure the belt.
First, pinch both ends and lay flat on a ruler.
Measure the pinched belt and multiply that measurement by two.
Second method is cut the old belt and lay on ruler.
The length is your circumference.
Please order by diameter, which are measured in millimeters.
Take the circumference, measured in inches and multiply by 25.4 mm.
Take this number and divide by pie (3.1416) the result will be
the diameter measured in millimeters.