PVR-802W Laser Lens Slim for PS2

PVR802W Optical laser 

• PS2 Optical Lens Slim PVR-802W
• Part No: PVR-802W
• Condition : NEW
☞ Product Description
A Brand New, Laser Lens for Slim Line PS 2 with statistic point intact. This Lens are totally Brand New, not reconditioned or refurbished. If your PS 2 console has problem loading DVD discs, it probably due to a coil burnt out on the laser lens. Replacing your old lens with this brand new PVR802 laser unit will solve your problem. Easy replaced by yourself(Need Soldering Skill)

Features :
This PS 2 Slim Line System PVR-802W laser lens suits for your PS 2 if it has following problems:

✔︎  System shows a message "Disc Read Errors" or disc appears damaged or dirty on the screen System loads games or movies longer than normal System reads games or movies and seems to be freeze or skipped.
✔︎ Need to remove the soldering point (anti-static protection) before use.
✔︎ Each laser lens is tested and in fully working condition.

✔︎ 1 x PVR-802W Laser Lens for Slim Line PS 2