KSS213C Laser KSS-213C Pickup

Price: Canadian $18.75 (US $13.80 Approx.)
KSS213C CD Laser Unit KSS-213C
✓ KSS213C Laser Compatible to KSS-213B
✓ KSS213C Laser Compatible to KSS-213D

• KSS-213C Laser Head 
• Compatible to KSS-213B Laser
• Price is Per One Laser Unit.
• Condition : NEW
✔︎ KSS213C is a very common laser type and is fitted to many models of CD players, not just Sony models. It is a solder blob which needs to be desoldered or cut away with a very sharp craft knife. Please note this item is to be purchased only by those with experience in repairing electronic equipment.

☞ KSS213C can be used to replace other KSS213 types such as the KSS213F, the only difference being the F version has a plastic dust shutter. The KSS213B can also be directly replaced with the KSS213C.