KSS213C CD Laser Pickup KSS 213C

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KSS213C/ KSS-213C

• KSS-213C laser head 
• Compatible to KSS-213B Laser
• Price is Per One Laser Unit.
• Condition : NEW
✔︎ KSS213C is a very common laser type and is fitted to many models of CD players, not just Sony models. Look at the photographs and remember to remove the static protection link beside the connector. It is a solder blob which needs to be desoldered or cut away with a vert sharp craft knife. Please note this item is to be purchased only by those with experience in repairing electronic equipment.

☞ KSS213C can be used to replace other KSS213 types such as the KSS213F, the only difference being the F version has a plastic dust shutter. The KSS213B can also be directly replaced with the KSS213C.