KSS210A CD Laser Pickup KSS 210A

Price: Canadian $24.98 (US $19.30 Approx.)

✓ KSS210A CD Laser Unit KSS-210A 

• Replaces: SONY 8-848-127-11, 8-848-062-11
• Replaces: KSS-150A, KSS-210B, KSS212A Laser
• Condition : NEW

☞ Product Description:
Please note, this is the laser only and must be installed in your existing CD mechanism.
KSS210A is a very common laser type and is fitted to many models of CD players, not just Sony models.
Please remove the static protection link beside the connector. It is a solder blob which needs to be desoldered or cut away with a very sharp craft knife.