KSM213CCM CD Mechanism KSS213C Laser

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✔︎ KSM213CCM Laser with Mechanism

• CD Pickup KSS213C with Mechanism
• Part No: KSM213CCM
• Price is Per One KSM213CCM
• Condition : NEW
• Professional installation is required.
• No instructions or technical support is available.
☞ Please remove protective solder prior to installation.
• Errors are subject to correction.

✔︎ If the mechanism in your machine is different though
uses a KSS213C then you can easily remove the laser
from this mechanism and fit into your unit.
✔︎ The laser unit can be used to replace other KSS213 types such as the KSS213F, the only difference being the F version has a plastic dust shutter. The KSS213B can also be directly replaced with the KSS213C.
✔︎ This mechanism is excellent value as purchase of all the parts separately would cost you more.

☞ Product Description
This is a complete replacement CD mechanism KSM213CCM suitable for replacement in many Sony and Aiwa models. This mechanism will also fit into many other brands of CD players and Hi-Fi's as many manufacturers use the KSS213C laser as the optical pick up in their mechanisms. There are a number of variations of the KSM213 mechanisms so look closely at the photographs. This type is the CCM version which is by far the most common type used in production. The main difference between mechanism versions is the size and shape of the turntable and layout of the chassis mounting holes.