JVC Video Head By SAKO - SV7371

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JVC VCR Replacement Video Head By SAKO - SV7371

Replaces: ASTI 271

• Used By:  Following JVC, ZENITH, MAGNAVOX, KENWOOD Models: 
HR-D750U, HR-D930U, HR-D920U, HR-D910U, HR-D875U, HR-D870U, HR-D865U, HR-D860U, HR-D850U, HR-3309, HR-D830U,
HR-DX62U, HR-D7000U, HR-D570U, HR-D530U, HR-D5000U, HR-D470U, HR-D1940, HR-D1860UM, HR-D183U,
HR-D1830, HR-D840U, VR-3300, VRJ-425HF, VRG-520HF, VRG-250, VRF-610HF, VRF-510HF, VRE-510HF, VRD-700HF, VRD-600HF,VRD-530,
HR-D940U, VRD-350, HR-D990U, VR-2300, VR-9162AT01, VR-9160,
KV-D937HF, KV-936HF, HR-VP66U, HR-S7000U, HR-DX64U, HR-VP65U, VRD-510 
Note: Soldering and desoldering capability is required in order to replace video heads.
• Brand : SAKO™