ICP-N38 Integrated Circuit Protector

Price: Canadian $0.98 (US $0.75 Approx.)

✓ IC Protector 1.5 Amp

The IC Protector (ICP) is an overcurrent protection device having stable and
high-speed circuit tripping characteristics which enable these devices to shut
off the circuit quickly and safely. This quick shut-off response protects valuable semiconductor devices and circuits from common load short-circuit failures.
✓ IC Protector N38
✓ Current: 1.5 Amp.
✓ Voltage: 50V
✓ Operating Temperature: -55 to +125
✓ Case Style: N-type Package
✓ Price is Per One ICP.
✓ Condition : NEW
✓ Application: Overcurrent Protection.
✓ Errors are subject to correction.
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