HOP-150X Laser For Xbox 360 Slim

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Price: Canadian $12.80 (US $9.92 Approx.)
✔︎ Slim HOP-150X Laser For Xbox 360 Slim
• Laser HOP-150XX DG-16D4S G2R2
• Laser HOP-150x G2R for the Xbox 360 Slim
• XBOX360 Slim Laser Lens HOP-150X HOP-15XX DG-16D4S G2R2
• Application: Xbox 360 Slim
• Price is Per One Laser Unit.

• Condition: New

• Pictures shown is for illustration purpose only
• Errors are subject to correction
☞ Please remove protective solder prior to installation.
✔︎ This Laser will not work on Hitachi DVD drives.
This is a replacement Hop-150X laser lens for Xbox 360 Slim.
When your disc read errors, slow loading time, failure to read

disc or screen freezing, you need this item to fix the problem.