Hitachi TV Lamp UX21511 by Philips

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UX21511 Hitachi TV Lamp by Philips brand- P22

• Philips DLP Lamp for Hitachi UX21511
• Power: 120-132W /1.0 - Philips PHI 387
• Brand : PHILIPS
• This is 2.6" Square lamp.
• Lamp for Hitachi 50V500
• Lamp For Hitachi 50V500A
• Lamp For Hitachi 50VX500
• Lamp For Hitachi 60V500
• Lamp For Hitachi 60V500A
• Lamp For Hitachi 60VX500
Order # P22

Trust only original PHILIPS Lamp!

Our Hitachi lamps are made by Philips, 
the number one original manufacturer of DLP and LCD lamps in the world.

Please note, this is the lamp only and must be installed in your existing housing.

Why spend more for the entire housing unit when you can just
replace burned out lamp in original housing assembly.
Enjoy the same picture quality as when your television was brand new.

It is simple to install this lamp into your old housing.
We do however offer a FREE service for replacing bulb.
This service is simple, you simply bring your old lamp with housing to us
& we will replace the non working lamp with new lamp.