FBM10.0 Belt FRY10.0 Flat Belt

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Price: Canadian $4.95 (US $3.70 Approx.)
✔︎  FBM10.0 Belt for Audio Video Devices

This is a Brand new belt. Meet or exceed original OEM
specifications. The long-term elastic characteristics
of modern belts ensure stability for years to come.
✓ Flat Rubber Drive Belt
✓ FBM10.0 Flat Belt Medium 
✓ High Quality Flat Rubber Belt
✓ Inside Circumference: 10.0 inches
✓ Width: 5mm
✓ Thickness: 0.6mm
✓ Replaces PRB FRY10.0
• Price is Per One Belt
• Condition : NEW
• 100% Compatibility with the original.
• Errors are subject to correction.
• Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.