Digital Quran with URDU Translation

Price: Canadian $30.00 (US $21.86 Approx.)
✔︎ Digital Quran with Urdu Narration
✓ Digital Quran DQ702

✔︎ Recite, Listen and Memorize - Anywhere-Anytime!

Product Features:
✓ Adhan Alarm Setting for Daily Prayers,
✓ Qibla Direction for Major Cities of the World,
✓ Digital Voice Recorder and Player,
✓ Digital Clock with Alarm,
✓ Names of Allah (Audio and Images),
✓ Duaa Khatam Al-Quran (Voice of Shaikh Sudais),
✓ Daily Prayer Times for Major Cities of the World,
✓ Super High Quality Audio,
✓ Screen Light for Night Use,

✓ Rechargeable Battery,
✓ Built-in High Watt Speaker for Super Audio,
Plus Jalwa-e-Janan Naat Album by Junaid Jamshed ,
✓ Packing Box with Pouch, Compass, Manual, Surah Index & Earphone