5K Ohm Single Linear Taper Potentiometer B5K

Price: Canadian $1.27 (US $0.99 Approx.)

5K Ohm Linear Taper Potentiometer B5K

• Resistance: 5K Ohms
• Maximum Power: 0.5W
• Manufacturer Part No: B5K
• Type: Linear Type B
• Knurled Shaft
• Shaft Diameter: 6mm
• Shaft Length: 16mm
• Mounting Hole: 7.5mm
• 3 PINS
• Order # POT-B5K
• Condition : NEW
• Price is Per One Potentiometer.
✓ Durable and easy to install
✓ Very convenient and practical
✓ Very popular among the electronic lovers
✓ 3-pin potentiometer with washer and nut
✓ Very easy to adjust voltage and electric current
✓ Can be used in electronic equipment which can control the volume

The "B" prefix before the track resistance value denotes a linear track taper.