2N3904 Transistor General Purpose

2N3904 General Purpose NPN Transistor

• 2N3904 Silicon NPN Transistor
• NPN, 60V, 0.02A, 0.625W
• Brand : Fairchild™
• Price is Per One Transistor.
• Condition : NEW
• Picture shown is for illustration purpose only
• Package : TO-92
• Marked F2N3904 instead of 2N3904

Equivalent to 2N4401, 2N5830, 2SC1008, 2SC1009, 2SC1211, BC537, BC538, KN2222A, KN3904, KSC1008, KSC1009, KSP05, KSP06, KSP2222A, KSP42, KSP43, KSP8098, KSP8099, KTN2222A, MPS2222A, MPS2222AG, MPS650, MPS650G, MPS651, MPS651G, MPS8098, MPS8098G, MPS8099, MPS8099G, MPSA05, MPSA05G, MPSA06, MPSA06G, MPSA42, MPSA43, MPSW05, MPSW05G, MPSW06, MPSW06G, MPSW42, MPSW42G, NTE123AP, P2N2222A, P2N2222AG, PN100, PN2219A, PN2222A, PN3569, PN4033, ZTX450, ZTX454, ZTX455, ZTX457, ZTX458