20A Fuse Fast Act Microwave Oven Fuse

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✔︎ 20A Fuse for Microwave Oven

✓ ABC Series 20 Amp Fast-Act Microwave Fuse
Microwave Oven Fuse 20A 250V Fast Act Ceramic 
• Conquer ABE/ABC Series Fuses
• Current: 20Amp
• Voltage : 250V AC
• Fast Acting Ceramic Tube Fuse
• Ceramic Microwave Oven Fuse
• Dimensions: 1/4" x 1-1/4" (6.3mm x 32mm)
• Equivalent to Littelfuse 314 015P, 
• Equivalent to bel fuse 3AB-15R,
• Price is Per One Fuse.
• CSA Approved.
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