1N4936 Diode 400V 1A (Pack of 10)

1N4936 Diode Fast Recovery

• Voltage: 400V
• Current: 1A
• Case : DO-41
• Price is Per Pack of 10 diodes.
• Condition: New
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1N4936 diode polarity

Comparison Types:
1N4936 replaces HER208, HER207, HER206, HER205, HER158, HER157, HER156, HER155, HER108, HER107, HER106, HER105, FR204, FR154, FR104, 1U8, 1U7, 1U6, 1U5, SF16, SF18, SF26, SF28, UF4004, UF4005, UF4006, UF4007, 1N4936G